James (Jim) and Bonnie Sells
James Luther Sells was born on December 11, 1933
in Franklin County, Ohio, the third of four children
born to
Marvin and Lillian (Mossman) Sells.

Jim married Bette Jean Stout on August 4, 1962 in
the State of Washington.  Together they had four
children (see below) and later divorced.

Jim is now married to Bonnie (see picture at right).

You can call Jim at 740-694-2602, or email him at


Deborah Kay Griffith b. 5-12-1956  
(mother is Mary Ruth Gearhart)

Juanita Mae Sells b. 11-14-1962
James Sells b. 11-5-1963
Jonathon Lee Sells b. 8-23-1965
Jeannie Marie Sells b. 3-26-1968