Sells Genealogy Page
(this is as far back as we can prove our line!)
Thomas Walker Sells
Born around 1800-1810
Died around 1840-1845
State of birth-Virginia
State of Death-Jackson County, Ohio?
Wife's name is unknown

Family legend has it that Thomas died after being
gored by a bull!  It's also been said that he had three
sons and one daughter, all of whom were adopted out
after his death.  Apparently, his wife either
predeceased him or left.  None of this can be proven
with any census data.  We're getting this information
from a tablet kept by Lillian (Mossman) Sells (click
on sample at right....if you can figure it out, let us

Of his four children, only one can be named at this
time...Thomas Jefferson Sells (some records record
his name as Thomas Joseph Sells, Thomas J. Sells, or
Thomas Sell.  An 1860 census records his name as
Thomas Cell.  His 1860 marriage license lists his
name as Thomas Sell).

Thomas Jefferson Sells